Anita Scruggs | The time is now to live your life, the best life!
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Anita Scruggs

The time is now to live your life, the best life! 


Anita Scruggs is living outside her comfort zone while leaving behind fear and relying on her faith in God. In May 2017, her first book titled, Your Life, the Best Life: A Guided Framework to Growing in Christ was released. In “Your Life, the Best Life,” Anita is vulnerable in sharing her experiences and helps readers become more open and transparent about what could be holding them back from living their best lives via reflection exercises.

Anita is passionate about helping and encouraging others in every aspect of life. She has taught Sunday School for middle and high school students, Bible Study for women, and currently, delivers sermonettes for her church’s youth during Children’s Moment. Anita delivered her trial discourse on March 17, 2019.  Subsequently, she became a Licensed Exhorter in the A.M.E. Zion Church on April 6, 2019. She desires that everyone experiences his or her best life by understanding and living the Word of God.

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Your Life, the Best Life

How many of you feel that you are not living your best life? Are you having difficulty with letting go of the past? What about not forgiving yourself or others? Perhaps, you are unsure about living in the will of God? Despite your hiccups in life, and we all have them, it is possible that, in Jesus, you can live your best life!

Your Life, the Best Life was written to help everyone, from all walks of life, reflect on what may be keeping them from living their best life. The book also allows readers to put steps into action that will help guide them to living their absolute best life in Christ!